One Man’s Opinion on Records 11/7/1954

Number 4 in a series of 22 columns by my grandfather, Lawson E. Parker, for the Fort Lauderdale Sunday News.

Warning:  SpongeBob makes an appearance.

I wish I could put hyperlinks into the jpg of these scans, then as you read the name of the band you can click and listen, instead of scrolling down to the video. I tried scanning some into PDFs using word recognition or whatever it’s called, but that didn’t work.   Hyperlinks  would be possible if I retyped everything, but that’s not going to happen.

Speaking of typing, I typed a letter to a childhood friend on Grandpop’s 70 year old typewriter the other day; my hands still hurt.   I gave up using the normal asdf jkl; method Mr. Taylor taught us in 9th grade and used the two index fingers like Grandpop did and Dad still does;  it’s the only way with that beast!    But I love the font, so all my cards and letters will be typed on it from now on.

Every time I hear the SpongeBob tune, which is more often than I should admit, it bugs me that I  know it from somewhere;  now I know where.

2nd Warning: Grandpop calls Satchmo a sell-out.

OMOoR 4 Nov 7 1954




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