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One Man’s Opinion on Records, 10/17/54

This is the first of my grandfather Lawson E. Parker’s 22 week series -from October, 1954 to March 27, 1955 -in which he expounds upon his thoughts about one of the most important thing in his life: music.  These appeared in the Fort Lauderdale Sunday News, the Sunday edition of the Fort Lauderdale News (known as the Daily News and Evening Sentinal until 1953where he was a music reviewer, columnist, and news editor. His wife Berenice I. Parker, my grandmother, was a classical music reviewer and social columnist for the same paper, which today is called the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinal.

Ironically, I am currently listening to the so-called “cool sounds”… of “modern” jazz  and what he calls the -crying, moaning, wailing of today’s vocalists  (Peggy Lee is just finishing up “Fever”; I believe Nat ‘King’ Cole is next).     He would hate most of my Pandora channels, but I DO have a Bob Crosby channel and a Bix Beiderbecke channel.   Here is a very modern tune of which I think Grandpop, his son (my dad), and his 11 great-grandchildren would approve.

I love that he refers to his baseball years, when he was 7 to 15 (that’s 100 years ago!!).   He never told us about sneaking in to see Ty Cob play at Navin Field, but the Detroit Tigers were ALWAYS on the television.  He would not be happy about Tiger Stadium today…

Just like Grandpop, I can neither “play boogie-woogie like Jimmy Yancey or catch a fly ball.”   His sarcasm gene didn’t skip any generations, either.

OMOoR 1 Oct 17 1954

Ty Cobb,  Detroit Tigers


Navin Field, American League Park Detroit
Navin Field, American League Park Detroit



Word UP.