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One Man’s Opinion on Records 10/24/54

Second in the series of 22 articles by Lawson E. Parker.

Grandpop BROKE his records???   I guarantee Great-grandpop didn’t know about this!   However, I don’t recall Great-grandpop ever listening to or talking about any music whatsoever, so maybe he didn’t care.

Here is the first mention of my dad, Joe, the “son with a knowledge of electronics.”  He was a freshman at U.F. studying electrical engineering when Grandpop wrote this, and though my dad does love his father’s music, he also loved swing, which Grandpop disliked as “ear-rending modern jazz.”   I love all of it, but I also like everything that came after, and Dad doesn’t… except of course  Dave Brubeck and Erroll Garner.

Grandpop just taught me a new term: blind pig.     It’s a speakeasy.   I bet Great-grandpop never knew about THAT visit!

And FYI, the Dixie Land Jass Band is the correct name, not a  typo (Grandpop didn’t make typos).   The band changed the spelling to “Jazz” in their second year.

OMOoR 2 Oct 24 1954 (2)

I have trouble imagining my Grandpop as a 13 year old, let alone playing THIS on the piano.



“Ear-rending modern jazz”?  Really, Grandpop?   What did you think of rock and roll that hit the airwaves soon after you wrote this?

Word UP.